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Print techniques

Auto cad Printing,Paper size,Font size and scale



A given drawing ,I want to print in a given scale, What is the paper size

 First you consider the unit of drawing.It may be in meter ,centimeter or in millimeter.
 Find the length of the drawing in drawn unit.(Suppose you drawn the  drawing in centi meter and you get total length of drawing to print is  3560.that means length=3560 centimeter.
 Suppose you want to print it in 1:50 scale.Divide the total length with the scale.The result will be the paper size in drawn unit.(ie 3560/50=71.2 cm,So select a paper size have more than 71.2 cm

 Paper size

A4=21.0 x 297 cmA3=29.7 x 420 cmA2=42.0 x 59.4 cmA1=59.4 x 84.0 cm

A0=84.0 X 118.8 cm

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