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Green Clean Earth Movement. GCEM Foundation conducting a "Prize win" program ,for encourage people to protect Trees , with the support of a2z4home. Answer the following questions and Upload the image of your plant. If more than thousand persons uploaded from Kerala ,the winner will be selected through draw in each month as per rule.For more details visit
  • Your district
  • Your Assembly constitency
  • Your LSGD
  • Your Ward
  • How many trees you are going to plant.
  • Type your Group Code here.(Group is a code number marked on your \"e-coupon\".If you have not received an e-coupon,type \"No group code\".
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Terms and Conditions
One person can upload only one image within 3 months.Images of same plant should be uploaded period
E-coupon : I am ready to share ”Plant tree” message to all my friends, through ,Whatsapp,Email and Facebook. So send me an “E-coupon“ with my group code through Email, Whatsapp, Facebook.

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