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PVC ceiling

Water proof, light weight, cost effective, Pest free, available in different colour are the quality of pvc ceiling.This extremely practical ceiling system is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling. 
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PVC ceiling
pvc11Beautiful pvc ceiling From Arkll
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pvc12Attractive pvc False  Ceiling From Kakapvcprofile
pvc13Rounded PVC ceiling for living room with fall and illuminating  accessories From Ceiling-designs
PVC ceiling systems solves the problem of dirty, unhygienic ceilings that are difficult, and expensive to clean by providing a bright, durable and hygienic surface, which is easily maintained.
PVC Ceiling has various advantage over other materials namely they are waterproof, Termite Proof, Fire Retardant, Economical, Maintenance free, being non-porous and non-absorbent, can incorporate flush fitting lighting, access hatches, air vents and sprinklers easy to install & available in various colours shades & no hassles of Painting & Polishing.
pvc14Funny PVC ceiling design for kids room From Ceiling-designs.
pvc15Attractive Pvc False Ceiling From Dhabriyapolywood
ddc1PVC-stretched-ceiling-design From Decorpuzzle

Decorative Pvc Ceiling Tiles From Nairaland
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