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Pvc pipes


PVC hose are used in water and sewage articulation, drainage and discharge systems, building construction applications and advanced irrigation.They are widely used throughout industry in both positive and negative pressure applications.Use of light weight and corrosion resistant PVC in hoses eliminates the need for fire resistant coatings and no special precautions are necessary during installation.SUPERSEALHOSE     SWAGELOK  PVCPIPE   SHAKTHIMANSUPER pvc pipes
Windows and Doors
The preferred choice is wood, especially from certified sustainable sources. For low maintenance, wood windows clad with aluminum on the outside are available. All-metal doors are also available, especially as screen or storm doors.When we added a second story to our home several years ago, we decided against the very popular PVC windows, which are marketed for their energy efficiency, durability, light weight, and low price. Although we spent more money, we chose wood windows. Because the windows were on the second floor, where repainting is more difficult, we decided on the aluminum-clad exteriors. Our windows are just as energy efficient as vinyl and much more attractive and durable. We chose Marvin windows, but there are many choices available in wood windows.
pvc window

Pipe and Garden HoseChoices will be different for water supply and sewer pipes, and for natural gas or perimeter drain lines. Specific materials may be required by building codes. High quality water supply lines in the home are usually copper, but polyethylene pipe may also be available. Sewer lines can be cast iron, vitrified clay, high-density polyethylene, or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). There have been numerous cases of failure with ABS. If you’re in the market for garden hose, spring for the rubber hose. It’s higher quality, lasts longer, and won’t kink as easily. Look for hoses made from post-consumer, recycled rubber.
Flooring There are many interesting choices for flooring in areas where vinyl might otherwise be used. Linoleum, made from natural bio-based materials, is an excellent choice, but has some initial odor. Ceramic tiles are particularly good in a kitchen or bathroom, but check to be sure the floor can take the additional weight. Wood or cork floors are very attractive and practical but will require a durable, waterproof finish. Low toxicity finishes are available. For more information on PVC-free resilient flooring and carpets containing recycled materials, go to the Healthy Building Network website at  PVC Flooring
 Electrical Wire When building, remodeling, or rewiring a home, the type of wire is specified by building codes, which in turn are specified by fire codes. The most widely used wire in home construction today, Romex, has PVC insulation and sheathing. Although PVC-free (or, more generally, halogen-free) wire exists and is available in Europe, it is currently very difficult to find any replacement in this country for residential use. Permitted wiring materials are dictated by electrical codes, which thus far have not been met by halogen-free products. Southwire, makers of Romex, have developed PVC-free wire that could eventually replace Romex in household applications.   PVC Insulated Wires
Their technical report states that the PVC-free wire is less likely to burn, but if it does burn emits less smoke, less-dense smoke, and less-toxic smoke than PVC-insulated wire. Another manufacturer describes the applications for halogen-free wire in the following way: “halogen-free cable and wire should be used where there is an increased need for safety to protect human life and/or valuable materials.”

 Wall Coverings Traditional wall coverings include paint, tiles, paper-based wallpaper, and wood paneling. The choice you make is likely to be dictated by the style of your home, which room is being decorated, and your budget  
 SidingIn terms of volume, vinyl siding makes up one of the largest potential uses in a home, so avoiding vinyl for this purpose is a priority. If your goal is to cover existing clapboard wood siding with a lower maintenance alternative, several companies make a polypropylene siding that is comparable in appearance and performance. Aluminum siding is still available as well. Another option is a non-flammable cement-fiber composite commonly called Hardi Plank. It looks like lap siding and comes pre-primed and ready to paint. For new construction, other obvious choices include traditional brick, masonry, stucco, stone, metal, and concrete, in addition to wood and various fiber-cement composites.   
Gutters: The most popular gutter material in use today is continuous aluminum gutters and downspouts. Unless damaged by a ladder or falling tree branch, aluminum gutters will outlast vinyl (which would be damaged by the same events). Vinyl is inherently unstable and not the most long-lasting material. Repla K Vinyl Gutter and DuraSpout Downspout
Shutters and Blinds

A wide range of window treatments now supplement the traditional shutters, blinds, and draperies. Shutters can be wood, aluminum, or chlorine-free plastic. Many blinds are fabric but may have plastic spacers, pulleys, or other parts that could contain PVC. 

FurnitureAvoiding vinyl in indoor furniture is easy because there are so many other choices, including wood, textiles, and leather. For outdoor furniture, consider wood, metal, or chlorine-free plastics. Ask the salesperson for assistance in determining the type of plastics that may be used in items they carry. Look for items made from recycled rather than virgin plastic whenever possible. Modern PVC Patio Set
Shower Curtains
Choose a cotton shower curtain with a polyester or nylon liner. Cotton is more expensive than vinyl but can be laundered. The liners are much less expensive than the curtains and can be replaced when needed. Periodic washing will make them last longer. Non-vinyl curtains are available at many stores, including IKEA and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
health and safety risks
Conduit PVC Pipes DWW Sold Wall Solvent Weld
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