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Plastering on wall and ceiling

Plastering is a  is a  coating on walls and ceilings.Itefers to construction or ornamentation done with cement / lime mortar (a mixture of  cement with fine aggregate) or with gypsom. Plaster can be relatively easily worked with metal tools or even sandpaper.  readiplast3
These characteristics make plaster suitable for a finishing, rather than a load-bearing material. The process  has been used in building construction for centuries.Now READY MIX PLASTER is available in the market.

Purpose plastering work is to Protect or cover the surface of the wall,ceiling, or the floor. is inappropriate.It gives  a more beautiful surface which is straight, flat and smooth.Plastering work Protect the surface from the action of the weather so it is more durable and rugged.It make the surface a suitable bases for painting and Surface produces a clean wall or ceiling in terms of health.
plastering works

Types of plastering

Ready mix cement Plaster:Ready mix plaster is a  cement plaster/render with high quality polymer additives. It can be used on inner and outer walls. It can also be used efficiently on brick, block, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces. It provides an even surface on which tiling can be done faster and efficiently.


Features of ready mix plaster:Easy to mix, apply and finish Quick drying due to reduced water consumption Consistent quality Very good impact strength.Allows for easy workmanship Excellent adhesion to the surface Shrinkage and cracking free Pleasant appearance on setting-Off white smooth surface
Cement plaster:Cement plaster is a mixture of suitable plaster, sand, portland cement and water which is normally applied to masonry interiors and exteriors to achieve a smooth surface.

 Anchsand  Eurotrendplaster
Lime plaster: Lime plaster is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sand (or other inert fillers). Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes the plaster to set by transforming the calcium hydroxide into calcium carbonate (limestone). Whitewash is based on the same chemistry.
Lime Plastering Lime Plastering Lime Plastering
Solarhaven Bosence. Grecianmouldings
gypsum plastering Gypsum Plaster Internal plastering has traditionally been done through a process of sand-cement plastering finished with POP pruning. This is a two stage process and involves multiple elements like sand, cement and water which is mixed onsite. This form of plastering is being slowly replaced by a direct single coat application of gypsum plaster.
Loam plasters:Loam plasters consist mainly of sand and silt with only as much clay as is necessary (usually between 5% and 12%) for developing their adhesive and binding forces. It is difficult to determine the proportions of an ideal loam plaster, because not only the proportions of clay, silk and sand influence a mixture’s properties. .  
Loam Plaster Loam Plastering
 Claygar  Cannabric

Plastering machine

 Automaticrenderingmachine  Edilmac
Mud plaster /Earth  plaster / Clay plaster:It is also known as mud plaster and clay plaster. The material is as simple as the name implies. Earth plaster is nothing more than sand and clay (with chopped straw, if desired) mixed together in the proper proportions to prevent cracking. When mixed and applied properly, this wall covering will be hard, durable, and beautiful. In many regions of the country, earth plaster can even be used on the exterior walls and may easily last for seven to ten years or more without any maintenance. Read more  mud plastering


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