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Roman blinds

 Roman blinds: Roman blind is a type of window blind consisting of a length of material which, when drawn up, gathers into horizontal folds from the bottom. Bamboo curtain
 Cost of roman curtain on jan 2012= Rs 70/ft2 for Labour charge + accessories only.Cost of cloth extra.For a 4 shutter window require 5m cloth for roman curtain.Cost of cloth =Rs 90-350/m. Approximate cost of a 4 panel window of size 200 x 140 cm = around Rs 3000/each.Curtain different types
rom11Beautiful Orange Color Roman Blind From Uniqueblinds
Linen Roman Blind From Naturalcurtaincompany
ccbRoman Blind For Bed Room Window From Martinbrotherscurtains

Roman Blinds From Baniyasfurniture
Beautiful Roman Blind For Living Room From Luxaflex

Brown color Roman blind For Living Room From Thecolouredhouse
Transparent White Roman Blind From Blinds-aberdeen

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