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Rub wood

The eco-friendly Rubber wood (Hevea Brasiliensis) when Processed becomes an excellent substitute for hard wood. Rubco in it’s  modern Plant, processes the eco-friendly rubber wood, making furniture and finger jointed edge glued panel boards. These products are marketed under the brand name ofRubWood‘. rubcogroup rub wood
There are  prefinished furniture and finger joined , edge glued (EG) panel boards, manufactured with rubber wood . Rubwood range is truly international in design, finish and  durability. Its glue joints conform to JAS and DIN standards and can be used for a verity of wood applications. The modern manufacturing plant employs advance technology and has a processing capacity of up to 40000 metric tones per day.
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Rubco EG panels are made using rubber wood, the eco friendly alternative to rain forest wood. Treated rubber wood rivals any conventional wood in strength, finish and durability, Now Rubco adds the advantages of Finger Joining Technology to bring you panels and beams that help make woodwork more delightful and imaginative. Rubco EG panels and Beams are manufactured strictly in accordance with international standards to ensure consistently high quality. 

Rubbwood EG panels have uniform texture, clear fibre and unmatched smoothness. Being ready to use they need no further planning, thus saving on time and labour costs. They are easy to saw, drill, bore or stain and have excellent nail holding capacity, machinability and glueability. What’s more, they ensure lower wastage of material too.
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