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Sand blasting

Sandblasting is the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speed usually with compressed air.Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.  sand blasting FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Sand used to be the most commonly used material, but since the lung disease silicosis is caused by extended inhalation of the dust created by sand, other materials are now used in its place. Any small, relatively uniform particles will work, such as steel grit, copper slag, walnut shells, powdered abrasives, even bits of coconut shell. Due to the dangers of inhaling dust during the process, sandblasting is carefully controlled, using an alternate air supply, protective wear, and proper ventilation.read more fromSHOTBLASTING INDIA  | SANDBLASTINGINDIA | KUSHALSHOTBLASTING
Most Beautiful Sand Blasting Design From Rainbow Glass Studio
Decorated Sand Blasting Glass From Artglassedge

Sand Blasted Glass From Glazette
Sandblasting Glass Custom Art Work  From Janetzambai

Sand-Blasted Glass Partitions FromTrentglass    
Most Attractive Sand Glass From Glass Hengpohglass 

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