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Sand Stone flooring

Sand Stone flooring:Sandstone belongs to the sedimentary rock family and primary comprises sand-sized minerals or rock grains. The components of sandstone are quartz and feldspar which are the primary components of the earth’s crust More from….. Dmg-raj.

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sand stone
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Drifting sand Beige sand stone

sandstone paving

 Dolmenstone  Thesandstonecentre
Sandstone floor in leyland after
The most popular colors in which the stone is available are Beige, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Grey and Pink. Apart from Sandstone tiles and sandstone slabs, various Sandstone landscaping products like sandstone cobbles, sandstone pebbles, sandstone flagstones, sandstone walling stone , sandstone patterns, sandstone pavings, sandstone circles and sandstone lintels are also available.
  Sandstone pebbles
Calcareous stones are readily dissolved in acid, while sandstone do not react with the acids. Limesotne is generally soft, and can be corroded by rainwater. Sandstone is hard as compared to limestone and less corroded by rainwater, so we find it near the rivers, lakes and in desert areas.
Sandstone is preferred for the use in metallic road construction because its hardness, compressive strength is more. It is more resistant to the weathering by rainfall and can not be corroded easily by rainwater. So, at different climatic, water and weather conditions sandstone is better construction material.


Sandstone pavings Sandstone lintels 

 Mandarinstone Infinitepaving Sandstone cobbles Sandstone flagstones Sandstone walling stone


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