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Kitchen Cabinet Shutter

Shutter is solid covering Used to block light ,wind or other physical attack.Ready made kitchen cabinet  shutters & wardrobe shutters are available in the market with  itself beauty, strength and durability. Pre laminated MDF board Shutter,Roller shutter, Solid wooden shutter,Aluminum fabricated shutter with Paneling sheet (like hylam sheet,glass,fiber board etc ) Teak-Wood-Kitchen-Shutters-Modular-Kitchen-Shutters-Teak-wood-Cabinet-

Pre Laminated MDF Board shutter

Archidply Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a type of hardboard, which is made from wood fibers glued under heat and pressure. It is used instead of plywood or chipboard. It is dense, flat, stiff, has no knots and is easily machined.Built with imported pre laminated MDF boards and membrane film using hi-tech technology and imported machinery, these are available in different colours and designs, suiting the varied customer requirements.  hm_files2
Nikidoors. Prelaminated Avecbois
These are manufactured according to the international standards of quality. Shutters are water resistant, warp free and maintenance free. It can be re-used over and over again.

kitchen roller shutter

roller shutterroller door or sectional overhead door is a type of door or window shutter consisting of many horizontal slats (or sometimes bars or web systems) hinged together. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. On large doors, the action may be motorized. It provides protection against wind and rain. In shutter form, it is used in front of a window and protects the window from vandalism and burglary attempts

Hafele Aluminum Roller Shutters-Box Milano

Solid wooden shutter

shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). Set within this frame can be louvers (both operable or fixed, horizontal or vertical), solid panels, fabric, glass and most any other item that can be mounted within a frame
Theshutterco Shutterlyfabulous

Aluminum fabricated shutter 

Now you can make economical and Beautiful kitchen cabinets in aluminium profiles. We have brought tougher a team of specialized workers with years of experience in Gulf countries making kitchen cabinets. We provide excellent quality products and services in India compared to world standards. We make your dream kitchen a reality.
Reliance interior Relianceinterior

Glass shutter 

Glass paneled  framed kitchen cabinet shutters are most common in modern kitchen designing.Frames may be with wood,aluminium fabricated,Steel fabricated or pvc fabricated.Glass panels are decorated with stained glass,etched glass or sand blasted glass.Glass panels are also decorated with sticker works.
Glass Shutter Evershineworld

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