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Smoke less Oven

Smoke less Oven

Smokeless Oven is an  Indian Cooking System and suit everybody’s pocket. More than 15 type of smokeless ovens are available.Its specialties  are no smoke and soot in the Kitchen.. elps maintaining kitchen neat and tidy.

Advantages of Smokeless oven

  • Smokes and Soot produced while burning, driven out
  • Less fuel consumption.In middle hearth no need of fueling.
  • Smokeless oven  helps to Fast cooking.
  • Keeps utensils free from carbon.
  • Helps maintaining kitchen neat and tidy.
  • Reduce construction  cost.No need to construct a large chimney. The smoke is transferred to a vent-pipe that expels it to the exterior.
  • Increased health benefits as there is no smoke-inhalation by the user.


Smokeless Oven Video



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