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Solar air conditioner

Advantages of solar air conditioner

  • 60% Electricity savings and Efficient cooling
  • 100% Copper Coil, Eco friendly plastic
  • Double auto swing, Forward Air throw
  • Automatic Flaps, Auto shut flaps and auto restart
  • Automatic air flow adjustment and sleeper time


solar air conditioner
Solar air conditioning refers to  air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power.In today’s world of global warming when average temperature of earth is rising. Air conditioning could be the need of this hour and sought as the immediate solution to the hazardous temperature effects, especially in highly hot regions.Now  HUGE electricity / fossil fuel expenses for keeping your building air conditioned during most part of the year. Depend on the Sun to keep it cool! solar Technologies has achieved capabilities to supply, install and commission Solar Air Conditioning Systems of 10 tons and more capacity.
Solar air conditioner
solar air conditioner
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solar water heater
solar air conditioner
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Solar air conditioner
Solartubs Bayatenergy Arkatechnologies
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