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Solar garden light

Advantages of solar garden lighting

1) Can avoid electric post and lines which are awkward in beautiful garden and obstruction for growing  big trees.
2) Can avoid trenching for cable lines which will tear the existing paved path ways or grassed landscapes.3) By using solar garden lights we can reduce cost of out door lighting, from long distance from existing electric lines.
With one time investment cost.4) we can avoid monthly electricity bill up to 30 years. 
5) We can give a real support against global warming



The Solar garden lights come attached with a solar panel, which contains photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells convert the light from the sun rays, which are incident upon them, into usable DC electricity which is stored in a battery.Read more from   KUMAAR
Hammacher Greensynergy
Outdoorsolarmotionlights Bharatsolarenergy
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