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Solar Roof Tile

Solar Roof Tiles are made by the Italian company Tegolasolare. They create each tile from natural red clay and do not add any chemicals to the clay to help minimise the environmental impact.  solar roof tiles
By using a high temperature spray drying process the tiles they create have increased strength which provides you with a durable tile with a traditional red colouration. The tiles have a greater resistance to weather and knocks and they absorb less water and heat compared to more traditional counterparts.
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Important tips

One thing to keep in mind while you are planning to install solar cells on your rooftop is the orientation angle. The orientation angle is the particular angle of the rooftop, intensity of incoming radiations will depend on this angle. In order to maximize the energy, the orientation angle should be such that solar radiations make maximum contact with the roof.Approximate Cost of solar roof tile is 2.4 to 5.8 $/piece (of area coverage of 6 ft2 )The cost may according to the model.
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Solar Roof Tile
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