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Solid Wood flooring

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Solid Wood flooring means flooring with real natural wood. It gives the royal appearance to the floor. It is very strong and long lasting and good to health. Good quality polishes are available in the market.Nothing will give your home that timeless traditional touch of beauty,  Solid Wood flooring
elegance and quality like solid wood flooring.  Available in a variety of colours, a solid hardwood floor can complement any style of home or decor and will prove to be an investment of lasting value. Cost range = Rs 200-500/ft2.          
Solid Wood flooring
wooden flooring


Green product
hardwood-timber floors


 Solid Wood flooring
 Marvelous Handcrafted Solid Wood Flooring
 Solid Wood flooring
Stylish Living Room With Solid Wooden flooring
 Solid Wood flooring
 Laminate Hickory Solid Wood Flooring
 Solid Wood flooring
 Solid White Oak Wood Flooring
 Solid Wood Floor Tiles
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