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Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing:Used to decorate public building for ventilation purpose.It gives Thermal comfort and visual comfort.It is commonly used in building with a combination of ACP. (Aluminium composite panel.) structural glazing
Before starting the work you should  design the elevation of your building with the help of a designer.He will give 3d elevation of the building with full working drawing.Then you can call quotations from different contractors and award the the work to suitable persons. For better result we should be care about the workmanship and quality of the materials .Cost RS 180/ft2 onwards
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 Beautiful Structural Glazing From Gaarnish interiors
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Structural glazing From Future glass projects
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Attractive Structural glazing From chinnamm
Commonly used specifications:Frame work:The frame work is made of rectangular aluminium tube of size 64mm x 58mm and electro coloured to 15 microns.Reflective glass  is specially made by a process known as on-line pyrolytic coating,Also known as hard coating which involves fusing precious metallic oxides on the surface of the float glass at high temperatures while glass is under formation. This coating gives mirror like appearance which is aesthetically pleasing and provides superior functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction.In this system there will not be any aluminum member visible from outside. You will see a groove running horizontally & vertically. In this system the glass is held with the help of structural sealant. It increases the thermal efficiency of buildings because the exterior exposure of metal framing is either reduced or eliminated, It reduces or eliminates water and air infiltration, It reduces the potential for thermal breakage of glass. 
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Structural Glazing From Glasmarte
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Structural Glazing From Elegantfenester
Weather Proofing Sealant :Dow Corning 789 silicone weather proofing sealant with very good weatherability and excellent recovery from extension and compression. Hardwares :High quality expansion bolts with good load bearing capacity is used to fix the Aluminium frame work to the wall. 
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Structural Glazing Systems provided by Acton Building Solutions 
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Structural Glazing From fuso


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