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Turbo Ventilators are provided on roof to reduce heat. Aluminium Turbo ventilators are are most common used.There is no need of electricity or other kind of power.The fan will be rotated automatically. Air Ventilator,  TURBO VENTILATORS
Turbine Air Ventilator, Rooftop Ventilator,  Natural Air Ventilator, Turbo Ventilator.Cost of turbo ventilators are nearly Rs 7500/each  read more from CROSSVENTCONCEPT    SVSWINDVENTILATORS

Adhithya   Blazeengineers

Turbo ventlator Turbo ventlator
 Winddriventurboventilator  Turboventilatorsindia

How To Install A Whirlybird Turbine Roof Ventilator

   Turbo ventlator
 Svspoweredventilators.  Primeturbovent.

Samarikaairventilator  Turboairventilator

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