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UPVC window

UPVC window:UPVC windows are the most advanced innovation in the window history. compared with aluminum and wood are always stronger, safer, sound resistant, heat resistant and burglar proof.The life of your House and safety of your family depends upon the quality of the materials you use during construction.  UPVC window
Any compromise on quality is fraught with risk Monsoon Proof Windows,Green Windows,Sound Proof Windows,Storm Windows Air Tight Windows,Storm Windows and more….Pre fabricated windows,Weightless, high durability, Stain free, Easy to clean.Rs 400-450 /ft2 (on febrary 2012 )read more from fenesta | LGHAUSYS    UPVC-WINDOWSDOORS| |  
UPVC window UPVC window
 Plasopan  Upvc-windowsdoors
UPVC window UPVC window
 Whiteswindows  Thekedaar

Comparison between uPVC and other traditional materials….. read from CAM upvc


Comparison between  uPVC and other traditional materials from CAM

Particulars u PVC Aluminum Wood
Surface quality The surface quality is maintained throughout its useful life. Anodizing wears out and corrosion sets it. Requires regular up keeping.
Thermal insulation Excellent protection from atmospheric heat transmission due to wider profile depth and multi chamber section and low K value. Poor being a metal, it has a poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity. Fair
Fire resistance Excellent Fair Poor
Acoustic Insulation Excellent.The multi-chamber sealed cavities and welded corner offers excellent acoustic insulating properties. Poor.The mechanically joint corners renders very poor result from acoustic insulation angle. Fair
Dimensional accuracies Excellent.Fabricated by state of art sophisticated machine hence offers uniform quality control. Poor.They are fabricated manually hence poor quality and non-uniformity. Fair
Conservation of energy Excellent Require 7.5 times the energy than that required to manufacture PVC. ……
Preservation of natural forest wealth Excellent Excellent Poor
Maintenance Less maintenance due to pristine appearance.No periodical paint work or lubrication required.Just simple cleaning with any detergent will keep the window as new as ever. Regular maintenance should be done. Requires regular painting and polishing.
Durability Much stronger due to galvanized iron steel reinforcement. Good Good
Warping Does not warp.Last for a life time. Can warp Can warp
Rot, rusting or corroding Doesn’t Rot, Corrode or Rust. Will rust, corrode. Changes due to climatic conditions
Ask a question: Do you have any question related to UPVC window. Post here, you will get the best answer from best provider.

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