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 A urinal  is a plumbing fixture for urination only.  compared with urination in a general toilet, usage is faster because within the room there are no additional doors, no locks, and no seat to turn up; also a urinal takes less space, is simpler, and consumes less water per flush than a toilet. urinal
Major consideration:Urinals for men,Urinals for women,Flushing in urinal,deodorizing methods  in urinals  etc are major cosideration,Portable Urinals for Men, water less urinals,
Urinals for men:It can take the form of a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic or manual flushing. n busy men’s washrooms, urinals are installed for efficiency:Urinals also come in different heights, to accommodate tall and short users. There are often privacy barriers between the urinals.
Urinals Urinals
Stark1 D-code Roca
Portable Urinals for MenPortable Urinals for Men are available in either a range of plastic or disposable urinals. They are designed specifically to fit the male anatomy and to be convenient to the user. Disposable urinals can be easily thrown away and are hygienic where as portable urinals will hold urine securely until it can be safely disposed of. Get more….
Portable Urinals Portable Urinals Portable Urinals
Ageukincontinence Portable Male Urinal Portable-Travel-Urinal

Urinals designed for women:Ladies Urinal is specifically manufactured using the best grade raw material with precise design. Ladies Urinal is available in various sizes and colors. Ladies Urinal is widely used in both commercial and domestic bathrooms. The Ladies Urinal is easy to clean and maintain with its durable quality.

Flushing in urinal

Most public urinals incorporate a flushing system to rinse urine from the bowl of the device to prevent foul odors. The flush can be triggered by one of several methods,Urinal flush with Manual handles,Timed flush,Door-regulated flush,Automatic flush are most commonly used.

Urinal flush with Manual handles:This type of flush might be regarded as standard in the United States. Each urinal is equipped with a button or short lever to activate the flush, with users expected to operate it as they leave. Such a directly controlled system is the most efficient, provided that patrons remember to use it. 

This is far from certain, however, often because of fear of touching the handle, which is located too high to kick.Urinals with foot-activated flushing systems are sometimes found in high-traffic areas; these systems have a button set into the floor or a pedal on the wall at ankle height.

Timed flush:Timed flush that operates automatically at regular intervals. Groups of up to ten or more urinals will be connected to a single overhead cistern, which contains the timing mechanism. A constant drip-feed of water slowly fills the cistern until a tipping point is reached, when the valve opens (or a siphon begins to drain the cistern), and all the urinals in the group are flushed. Electronic controllers performing the same function are also used.

Automatic flush

Electronic automatic flushes solve the problems of previous approaches, and are common in new installations. A passive infrared sensor identifies when the urinal has been used, by detecting when someone has stood in front of it and moved away, and then activates the flush. There usually is also a small override button, to allow optional manual flushing. 

Automatic flush
                    Uridan Water Solution
Water Less Urinals: Waterless No-Flush urinals resemble conventional fixtures, and easily replace them. They install to the regular urinal 2” (50MM) waste line (for 1 ½” (38MM) waste lines, use a reducer bushing). They eliminate flush water supply lines. Flush valves are completely eliminated as well. No handles to touch, no sensors to install or adjust, no moving parts at all!The urinal bowl surfaces are smooth and urine repellent; urine is 95% liquid and its drainage is effected without flush water through gravity. Daily cleaning procedures are the same as for flushed urinals, yet save time per urinal.read more  from Water less


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