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Vpanels is a ready to use material for partition wall. Make with cement cellulose fiber  ,High grade thermocole and fly Ash. It is a light weight ,easy to construct,and water resistant material.It  is a sandwich panel comprising of two 5mm thickness fiber reinforced cement sheet. WHICH DOES NOT CONTAIN “asbestos” (confirms to ISI 14862) enclosing a light weight core of Portland cement and binders and mix of density modifiers aggregate.
V-PANEL have special semicircular tongue and groove joining system provides rapid installation with minimal disruption of work. V-PANEL is robust enough to take normal work day knocks in its stride due to its high strength to weight ratio.It is Termite resistant| Fire resistant | water resistant8  x 2, 9 x 2,10 x 2,11 x 2 feet with 50 mm or 75 mm thick sheets are available,*cost (approximately) =Rs 140/ft2  on augest    2012 at Kerala in India.AEROCON PANELS| | Metalandtech
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