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Wall different types

  A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security. Walls are categorized as load bearing wall and Partition wall.  
 There are many kinds  materials used for walls:Load bearing walls are constructed with concrete or masonry.Different type of blocks used for masonry wall.

1) Masonry  Wall

Masonry is the building of structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar; the term masonry can also refer to the units themselves. The common materials of masonry construction are brick,stone,cement hollow block ,clay hollow block, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, cast stone,concrete block, glass block, stucco, tile,and cob. 
masonry wall
Masonry is generally a highly durable form of construction. However, the materials used, the quality of the mortar and workmanship, and the pattern in which the units are assembled can significantly affect the durability of the overall masonry construction. Read more..

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