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Which tree..Where plant

Selection of garden  trees and plants

 Garden trees

 Which tree..Where plant

 Selection of garden trees are very important.Each tree has special quality,maintenance size ,season etc.So before going to purchase a plant you should study the character of about plants and your planting area.

Categorization   trees according to garden purpose

Fruit trees

Rambutan,Pulasan / PhilosanSweet Hog Plum,Sapodilla / Sapota,Mangosteen,Thailand Rose Apple Tree,Lemon drop Mangosteen,Gujarat Gooseberry,Jambul Tree,Star Gooseberry …Read more




  Flowering trees
   Shade  giving trees
   Air purifying trees
   Medicine trees
   Less  water required trees
   Less sunlight required trees
   Timber usage trees-for furniture etc
  Less sunlight required trees  

 Categorization  plants

   Flowering plants
   Leaf beauty plants
   All season flowering plants
Less  water required plants
Less sunlight required trees
More than 1 meter height plants
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