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Azhikoodu in verandah

Azhikoodu :Azhikoodu is a grilled covering around the verandah boundary for a protection and attraction .Nowadays azhikood is make with wood, stainless steel & ferrow cement.It gives , a royal traditional old kerala  look like to the building. Azhikoodu
The term azhikoode is a Malayalam word.( ie anIndian language.It may be written in English Azhikode,azhikude,azhikudu etc.

Wooden Azhikoodu

Original Azhikoodu is a wooden structure used to decorate & protect Verandah & balcony. It is very common in old Kerala Nalukett residences & temples.more from keralaarchitecture
 Sivaprasadsjaybees.  Arjunassociates

Azhikoodu with ferrow cement

Ferrow cement Azhikodu is very cost effective product as compared to wood.By effective painting we can make it wood type or other attractive style.Ready made ferrow cement members for azhikoodu is available in the market Ferrow Cement Azzikoodu  from Sivaprasad Jaybys

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