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Wooden Door

Wooden DoorWooden doors are the most beautiful and attractive doors in the world. It allows carving works on the surface. It make the door as a piece of art work. The cost of wooden doors depend upon the type wood and the design.OP DOORSGet more from GLEN VIEW Wooden Door

Carved wooden Doors

These wooden carved doors are available in a variety of carvings like ancient, ethnic and combination of different styles and moldings More from OP Doors

Solid Wood Doors

Solid Wood finger jointed door with finger joint system .Get more images

 Moulded Panel Doors:

 Moulded panel door make  a foam or particleboard core, then wrap the core with a layer of exterior skin. The skin can be made with medium-density fiberboard or hardboard. Some models designed for exterior openings feature a thermoplastic skin that resists moisture and wear. 

 Flush Doors

   Wooden flush door consist of a blockboard core bounded with crossband and veneer faces constructed on both the sides. Timber is chemically treated and vacuum pressured. This process strengthens the timber by making it not only durable but also borer, termite and fungi free. Wood is generally seasoned at the automatic kiln seasoning plant , substantially reducing moisture as per standard requirement . It is further bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin, 100% boiling water resistance and hot pressed at high temperature under uniform pressure. Decorative veneer or laminated sheet is pressed by melamine or PVAc resin.

Wooden Door

Wooden cum Glass Doors

These types of doors are mostly used foe office purpose.The work-of-art consists of wonderful amalgamation of glass and wood.Tempered glass and highly durable wood are used for exterior door.More from OP Doors

Wooden Door

Wooden inlay doors

 A combination of glass, metal and wood enhances the beauty of the place it is placed.  wooden inlay doors  are with different kinds of metal like, brass, silver, stainless steel and iron.View images
Wooden Door
Wooden Door
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