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Wooden flooring-different types

Wooden Floorings have become very common and most practiced option these days for home interiors. These are taking the trend because wooden flooring is the most beautiful, economical, universal friendly, and easy to care for material you can choose for your home.
Wooden flooring offers stylish looks and a beauty that will last a lifetime and beyond. It never goes out of style and gels well with any kind of room decoration. It’s simple to keep clean and care for and it won’t trap dust and mites or contribute to indoor air quality problems.
Wooden flooring is classified to two.Interior wooden flooring and exterior wooden flooring.For interior wooden flooring Laminated wood and natural wood are used.Classification of Wooden flooring is  as follows. a)Laminated wooden flooring, b) Solid wooden flooring c) Engineered wooden flooring.d)WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring.Exterior flooring is also called deck flooring.It is  mostly used in the premises of swimming pool.

Laminated wooden flooring

Laminate wood flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The photograph or image of hardwood is then covered over the composite wood to form the laminate, thus is cheaper. Laminate wood installation cost is on an average 50% less than hardwood. It is used for drawing room and home theater areas. This is not suitable for water reaching areas & heavy traffic areas. Tiles used once in a room, can be reuse to another room.Available in 2-6 inches width & 1-8 feet length size Inter locking tiles..
Laminated wooden flooring Laminated wooden flooring
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 Solid wooden flooring

Solid Wood flooring means flooring with real natural wood. It gives the royal appearance to the floor. It is very strong and long lasting and good to health. Good quality polishes are available in the market.Nothing will give your home that timeless traditional touch of beauty,  – See more at: 
 Solid wooden flooring  Solid wooden flooring

Engineered wooden flooring

 Engineered flooring is a product that is made up of multiple layers of wood that is glued together as one board. The top decorative layer is wood. The bottom layer is usually particle board or plywood. It is made with an interlocking tongue and groove system similar to standard strip flooring.Engineered floors have been a recent entrant to the market read more from
Engineered wooden flooring Engineered wooden flooring

Bamboo flooring

A bamboo floor is a type of flooring manufactured from the bamboo plant. The majority of today’s bamboo flooring products originate in China and other portions of Asia. Moso bamboo is the species most commonly used for flooring Read more
Bamboo flooring Bamboo flooring

Palm wooden flooring

 Palm wooden Flooring or coconut palm wood flooring , strand woven into a very hard and wear resistant surface. With precision tongue  - See more at
Palm wooden flooring Palm wooden flooring
Wood, one the best reason for its use is that its the most environmentally friendly floor material. The hardwood forests that provide our flooring products are growing at twice the rate. Thanks to this industry-wide commitment to sustainable forestry, there is 90% more hardwood growing today in the U.S. than there was 50 years ago. Wood is also biodegradable, recyclable, and a great carbon-sink as well as the least energy-intensive flooring material, consuming far less energy to make than carpet, linoleum or composite tile.




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