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Kitchen Cabinet -

Different types of  Kitchen Cabinets


modular kitchen  
Modular kitchen-Kitchen cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in kitchens for storage of food, cooking equipment etc.It gives easiness in usage and save energy and fuel and feel aesthetically better appearance.

Classification of kitchen cabinet according to material

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, Aluminium fabricated kitchen cabinet,Ferrow cement(Concrete without broken stone) kitchen cabinet,M.S. Frame Kitchen Cabinet are some of them.Wall cabinet, Bottom counter and accessories are major parts. 

Classification of kitchen cabinet according to shape

Straight line kitchen,Gallerry kitchen,”L” shape kitchen, “U” shape kitchen,Island kitchen etc are kitchen cabinet classification according to shape.


Framing  box  preparation,Shutter preparing,Kitchen accessories,Selection of fittings,Kitchen appliances lighting and wiring work etc are major consideration.
 Primelinekitchen  Arvindgroup  Aspects-

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Explore your options for wood kitchen cabinets, from rare high-end woods to custom and semi-custom construction, and begin designing the kitchen you’ve always wanted.
 Kitchencabinetmart Shilohcabinetry  Kitchencabinetvalue

Aluminum fabricated kitchen cabinet.

 We can make economical and Beautiful kitchen cabinets in aluminium profiles. Aluminium  fabricated kitchen cabinets are easy and speedy to construct.It is water proof and termite proof.No painting or other finishing work is need.Frame work is made with powder coated aluminium fabricated aluminium channels  and any kind of sheets are used for paneling. Hylam sheet, ACP sheet or glass are used for paneling.Bottom counters  can make with box type 
Cost of aluminium fabricated kitchen cabinet:Cost displayed are  only average and approximate.
Cost of counter.Box type excluding cost of counter top granite and accessories.For  60 cm in width ,75 cm height and i m length. Rs 9000 /m
Cost of counter  frontage only without  box type compartment. Rs 4500 /m
Cost of wall unit .Size = 60 cm height and  35 cm depth and 1 m length. Rs 7500 /m
Reliance interior Relianceinterior

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel is extremely durable; unlike wood, it will never warp, crack or suffer the indignity of mold or mildew. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet designs have an industrial look that can be a great complement to just about any kitchen, but they’re most often employed in kitchens with a more modern style.
Smenggwork Ssmetalindustries Sonuproducts

Ferro cement Kitchen cabinet 

Ferrocement Kitchen cabinet used with machine made precast ferrocement,plates, joined together using high quality vibrated cement matrix. Aluminium frame glass shutters have been fixed to the bottom of the cabinet. Synthetic glossy enamel paint has been applied to make the,cabinet more elegant
Chaithanyainteriors Jadferrocements

 Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Get all the info you’ll need on semi-custom kitchen cabinets, which can offer a great balance between cost and personalization in your kitchen design.
Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Jmwoodworks Nydailynews

Mission-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Mission-style kitchen cabinets feature a distinctive style that includes a mixture of Arts and Crafts, Spanish Mission and American Southwest influences. Defined by minimal angular shapes and unadorned fixtures, mission style is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because of its simple, elegant design.
Kitchencabinets100 Kitchen-design-ideas Jimboshoundhouses

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Often referred to as the “Bermuda triangle of the kitchen,” the corner kitchen cabinet is sometimes the place that food stores and supplies enter, never to be seen again. Hard to access and harder to use efficiently, corner cabinets can waste space and cause frustration—unless you explore some of the clever ideas used to remedy the conundrum of the corner kitchen cabinet.
Majestamodulars Shreekitchen

Pantry Cabinets

Kitchen pantries can often become overflowing, out-of-control messes—but with the right set of pantry cabinets, your kitchen pantry can be organized, efficient and attractive.
Pantry Cabinets Pantry Cabinets
Heirloomscustomcabinets Pantry Cabinets
Brush up on Shaker kitchen cabinet styles, and prepare to add a classic and stylish look to your kitchen design.
Cabinets Cabinets

Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

Restaining kitchen cabinets takes some DIY knowledge and a bit of sweat equity, but it can be a great way to give your kitchen a simple, cost-effective makeover.
Kitchentoday Kitchenedit Gabriellew


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